Brin de Folie

Pale ale


Brin de Folie reflects a radiant, yellow-orange hue in the glass. Lighter-colored due to the malt selection process, ours is topped with a frothy, delicate head builds up in a billowing foam when poured.


The first sip of Brin de Folie reveals a harmonious blend of floral and grassy hops, lending a mild bitterness that is neither overpowering nor astringent. This bitterness is elegantly balanced by a solid malt profile, featuring light, biscuity notes that provide a smooth transition to a fresh, clean finish.


A bouquet of floral and herbal notes recall a pristine Alpine meadow with its hints of wildflowers and honey. Scents of zesty citrus add a lively and vibrant dimension to the aroma. A soft, bready malt backbone provides a gentle sweetness that balances the overall bouquet.

About this beer

The Brasserie De Sutter is dedicated to the producing small-batch, high-end craft beers for sharing amongst friends and advancing the French beer culture since its inception in 2008. Family owned and operated from its inception by brothers and beer lovers Antoine and Frédéric, the brewery began operations at a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in 2012. The success of the « Les Folies » line of beers has allowed them to move into wider distribution of their beers, while still retaining their original objective of sustainable development and the production of beers that make the brothers proud.
Pale ale
Product of
500 ml