Folle Furieuz

Triple pale ale


The use of a proprietary blend of malts results in a unique, bright, coppery, amber-gold hue with brilliant clarity. A voluminous ivory head forms in the glass, displaying excellent retention.


A generous malt backbone imparts a mild sweetness of honeyed biscuits and hints of toasted caramel. La Folle Furieuz is a powerful beer showcasing a captivating blend of tropical fruits followed by a zesty citrus tang that enlivens the palate. The bitterness, though present, remains restrained on the long, persistent finish.


A powerful bouquet of roasted hops and herbal notes explodes from the glass, with a hint of earthy chamomile that adds complexity. Subtle citrus undertones, reminiscent of ripe tangerines and lemon zest, mingle with a light spiciness on the nose.

About this beer

The Brasserie De Sutter is dedicated to the producing small-batch, high-end craft beers for sharing amongst friends and advancing the French beer culture since its inception in 2008. Family owned and operated from its inception by brothers and beer lovers Antoine and Frédéric, the brewery began operations at a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility in 2012. The success of the « Les Folies » line of beers has allowed them to move into wider distribution of their beers, while still retaining their original objective of sustainable development and the production of beers that make the brothers proud.
Triple pale ale
Product of
500 ml