IPA / Lager


Rotmistrz IPA / Lager hybrid pours a rich, golden-orange hue with a slight haze, providing a sneak-peak to the palate’s rich complexity. A frothy and persistent off-white head crowns the beer.


The classic IPA hoppiness is balanced by a smooth, malty lager character. Zesty grapefruit and juicy orange flavors on the attack are supported by a biscuity caramel midpalate, and the beer finishes with a pleasant and slightly resinous aftertaste.


The nose is met with an enticing array of vibrant hoppy notes. Dominant scents of citrusy grapefruit and tropical fruits emerge from the glass. Undertones of pine resin and a subtle floral essence add depth and complexity to the bouquet.

About this beer

Like much of Eastern Europe, Poland has been brewing beer since the middle ages. The brewery producing Rotmistrz originally began production in the mid-19th century, taking inspiration from British beer styles that began to be imported into Poland during the spread of the Industrial Revolution. Located in Central Poland close to the Czech border, the seamless fusion of traditional brewing techniques with innovative recipes results in a unique lineup of beers that tell the story of Poland’s fascinating history and brewing tradition in every glass.
IPA / Lager
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500 ml